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Jun 21

Why start a new Catholic blog? There are already many faith-themed blogs competing with the cascade of news and secular views flowing through the web, social media, television and other media. So, why launch a new one for Catholics living in the St. Cloud Diocese?

Well, two reasons.

First, our faith is the most valuable treasure we have. It grounds us in the Good News of Christ. It challenges us to share God’s love, mercy and forgiveness with others. It should inspire us to change our communities, our nation and our world for the better.

One purpose of this blog is to help you to better see the world around you through a Catholic lens, one that will inspire you, and sometimes challenge you, to live your faith more deeply and help guide your day-to-day life. The bloggers posting to this site will focus on a variety of topics, including current events, parenthood, prayer and spirituality, young adults, rural life, the arts, technology, sports, senior wisdom, food and travel, and the liturgical life of the church. The posts here are in addition to the news, feature stories and columns that you can already find in our diocesan newspaper, The Visitor.

Second, all of our bloggers live within the 16 counties that make up our central Minnesota diocese. They’ll provide a local, Catholic perspective on all of these topics. That’s something you won’t find done anywhere else as frequently and effectively as you will find here.

So, I invite you to be a regular reader of our From the Heart blog, an initiative of our diocesan newspaper, The Visitor. You can sign up at to receive an email notice every time a new post is made. Also, if you have an idea for a guest blog post or have a question or comment about the blog itself, feel free to contact multimedia reporter (and our blog coordinator) Kristi Anderson at

I hope you enjoy this new offering!

Joe Towalski is communications director for the Diocese of St. Cloud and editor of The Visitor newspaper.

Joe Towalski is communications director for the Diocese of St. Cloud and editor of The Visitor newspaper.


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