7 Reasons Why You Should Want to Become a Saint

By From the Heart | Nikki and Tricia Walz | A Tale of Two Sisters

Nov 01

4This past weekend we had the chance to go to an awesome All Saints’ Day party hosted by one of our good friends. It was targeted for young kids, but since we’re kids at heart, of course we took advantage of the opportunity to dress up as well!  Who wouldn’t want to be a saint for at least a couple hours!?  It was quite a ‘cloud of witnesses,’ from St. John the Baptist, to St. George the dragon-slayer (one even with his baby brother dragon!), to St. Faustina, to St. Kateri, to St. Maximillian Kolbe, to a guardian angel!  There was even a sign when we came in pointing the way to Heaven (the party). Being surrounded by all these little saints in the making helped us reflect on why we want to become saints ourselves. So these are our 7 reasons why you should want to become a saint too!

  1. Because sin is so mainstream. Seriously, everyone is doing it. Striving to be a saint is the most original thing you can do! Catholic saints are some of the most unique and influential people in all of history.
  1. Your prayers will be so powerful that you will be like Superman (minus the goofy suit). Even though our prayers for others while we’re here on earth are pretty powerful, once we’ve finished the race and are purified of all sin & selfishness, our prayers will be even MORE powerful! We’ll spend all our time in God’s presence and we’ll be able to help those still on earth to stay strong and fight the good fight, which is pretty cool.
  1. Because little kids will dress up as you at Halloween and All Saints’ Day parties! Okay, maybe not unless you are canonized, but still you’ll have the chance to be a great role model and example for others, especially kids who are searching for someone to follow.  Remember that a saint is just anyone who has made it to Heaven, so even if you never become as famous as St. Francis, you can still be a saint!
  1. You’d be in great company. Jesus, Mary, the Angels, our faithful loved ones who have passed away, the whole communion of Saints… you could be chilling with Mother Teresa and St. John Paul II forever. How much better could it get?!
  1. You’ll never be bored. Imagine being completely happy, not needing or wanting anything more.  We may think of Heaven as boring, but it’s anything but!  Actually, it’s the exact opposite of boredom: it’s being filled to the brim and being happier than we could ever imagine being on earth.
  1. Because becoming a saint is the only real success that you can have. I mean, as impressive as your resume might be, I’ve never seen one featured at a funeral… nor have I ever seen a hearse which is followed by a trailer of all the material goods the person accumulated during their lifetime.  Sainthood is the one and only success that follow you when you die.
  1. Because Jesus tells you to. (and other cool people, like Mary, Bishop Kettler… your grandma) Jesus tells us to “strive to enter by the narrow door,” (Lk 13:24) so even though He makes it clear it won’t be easy, He tells us to follow Him and trust that He will provide the grace we need to become saints!  Don’t be afraid of being “too holy,” because we can never become too much like Jesus and our Blessed Mother!

So how are YOU striving to become a saint?  Do you have other reasons to add to this list?

We hope you have a blessed All Saints’ Day!  All you holy men and women, pray for us!!

Nikki and Tricia

Tricia and Nikki Walz are proud Minnesotans who were born and raised in the heart of St. Cloud with their younger sister Briana. Read more about them on the "Meet Our Bloggers" page.

Tricia and Nikki Walz are proud Minnesotans who were born and raised in the heart of St. Cloud with their younger sister Briana. Read more about them on the “Meet Our Bloggers” page.

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