Dec 31

And then there were 6…

Being 25 years old, the last number of years have brought some pretty drastic changes in my life. Moving to Kansas for college, moving to Wisconsin for my first “big girl” job, and then moving back home with my parents to help them out, you learn so much about yourself and your family in these vital formation years.

This year has brought a different kind of change that I had yet to experience- a brother.  For as long as I can remember there have always been 5 people in my family- my parents, my 2 younger sisters and I. As much as I demanded a baby brother as a child, I never understood why my parents wouldn’t just give one to me!

From left, sisters Nikki, Tricia and Briana Walz with Steven.

Briana, my youngest sister, met and started dating Steven at Ave Maria University in Florida last year. As soon as she told us about him, we knew there was something different about this guy. The way she talked about him and how giddy she was after hanging out with him made us realize they were more serious than we had ever thought!

Steven treats Briana the way anyone would want their baby sister treated. When Briana is having a rough day he shows up with roses and chocolates, or if she has to work until late he will drive her so she doesn’t fall asleep on her drive home. One thing is for sure – I know for a fact that Steven has Briana’s back and will be there for her when she needs it, which is incredibly comforting as the wedding date approaches.

Even though I always expected to get married first since I am the oldest, and as much as I assumed Briana would stay young forever, God has really shown me that He allows things to happen for a reason and that things will happen in His time, when they are supposed to. So even though things are not going the way I had originally ‘planned’ I am learning how much better I like (and trust) God’s plan! As much as I am looking forward to being married and having kids one day, I am grateful for this time to focus on my relationship with God and to be there for my family and friends!


Tricia and Nikki Walz are proud Minnesotans who were born and raised in the heart of St. Cloud with their younger sister Briana. Read more about them on the “Meet Our Bloggers” page.

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