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By From the Heart | Stephen Miller | A View from the Pew

Jun 10

Daily Mass on Saturday turns out to be somewhat complicated, but not in a bad way.  Most churches in the area offer a Mass on Saturday, but it’s a late-afternoon or evening vigil Mass for Sunday.  Since it’s our only option, I’ll treat the vigil Mass like a Saturday Daily Mass and still attend Mass on Sunday.

Our Mass options are:  Swanville at 7:30 pm (13 miles away), Long Prairie at 5 pm (14 miles away), Flensburg at 4:30 pm (16 miles away), Grey Eagle at 4:30 pm (22 miles away), Sobieski at 7:30 pm (22 miles away), and Belle Prairie at 8 pm (28 miles away).

A view of the altar at Sacred Heart in Flensburg.

I’ve only been to meetings in the basement at Sacred Heart in Flensburg, so it will be a pleasure to be in the Sanctuary. I was hoping that they would let us in. Years ago, at the meeting my wife and I attended at Sacred Heart, we were trying to kick-start a youth program for the tri-parish community. For my part in the meeting I played a Peter Furler song.  It was loud. Really loud. I think it was kind of unexpected.

When we arrived there were no barricades or checkpoints.  There was however a young dad holding a baby.  They were surrounded by adoring onlookers.  Hmmm…  Baptism?  That would be a nice celebration.

Jenna lights a candle in front of the statue of St. Anthony at Sacred Heart Church in Flensburg.

There was a good size crowd inside (in a small church it doesn’t take much). We found a pew and knelt.  Father Jimmy Joseph came out and Mass started. Yes, there was a baptism!

The sanctuary reminds me of a wedding cake topper, and that’s not a criticism.  It’s bright and white but easy on the eyes.  Perhaps the wedding cake analogy is not so bad, since the Eucharist has been described as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I like the idea of cake for dinner!


Statue of St. Therese at Sacred Heart in Flensburg.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen exit signs in any building that quite caught my eye as well as the ones at Sacred Heart. St. Anthony beckons for the left hand door, and St. Therese offers guidance to the right. Of course, you can also turn around and exit through the doors you came in through!

When Mass is over we go outside and there’s the familiar scene of the newly baptized baby surrounded by adoring onlookers again. Welcome to the friendship of Christ, little one! I pray that, for you and your family, attending Mass just gets better and better. Remember: the family that prays together, stays together.

Stephen Miller
-Member of St. Mary of Mount Carmel Parish, Long Prairie.
-Not a native Minnesotan.
-Not a cradle Catholic.
-Former Librarian.
-Likes kids, somewhat baffled by adults.
-Married to the smartest and most beautiful woman in the world with whom we have six astonishing children.

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