Jul 16

A little more than a year ago, The Visitor launched this “From the Heart” blog with the hope of giving Central Minnesota Catholics another way to see the world through a Catholic lens and be inspired to live their faith more deeply in their day-to-day lives. When you start something new — even if it seems to be a good idea — you’re never quite sure if it will really be a success.

But thanks to our cadre of excellent bloggers and the care and coordination provided by Visitor reporter Kristi Anderson, “From the Heart” has been extremely successful in its inaugural year. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The Catholic Press Association honored it with a first place award as the best group blog in the U.S. and Canada at last month’s Catholic Media Conference in Quebec City, Canada.

Here’s what the judges said: “The blog has a good balance of local, national and international stories. It demonstrates the ways to integrate Catholicism into everyday life. Diverse articles demonstrate that faith can be something that weaves through all aspects of life. They delve into difficult topics, such as reviewing a [play] about clergy abuse. They also cover recipes, aging, grief, travel, social media/internet, etc. They have a very easy search function where posts could be found by month. The writing is high quality.”

Thank you again to our regular bloggers and the guest bloggers who have joined us along the way this first year. Keep up the great work!

To our readers: If you know someone who is a talented writer and may like to contribute to the blog, please send her or his name and contact information to Kristi at KBAnders@gw.stcdio.org.

Joe Towalski is communications director for the Diocese of St. Cloud and editor of The Visitor newspaper.

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Julie Schleper, OSB July 16, 2017

Congratulations! I just became aware of it about a month ago. I do enjoy reading the various topics. Thanks for doing it.

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