Jul 22

Father Marv’s sermon on Sunday was about the seed that’s sown in rich soil producing abundant fruit. Well, I think we’ve got good soil going here. At least when it comes to green beans. Good soil. Good seed. Good watering. Good grief! This morning I picked four 5-gallon pails of the things. Sometimes I see green beans in my sleep even.


We have a large garden. We don’t do a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where we grow actual shares for customers but just about. We put our “Marvin’s Garden” sign at the end of the driveway when stuff is ready as well as taking pre-orders from our regular customers. The cute little red shed that my husband Marv built houses a frig and shelves that we sell out of.

Today’s lunch included Szechuan green beans. Nothing too difficult. You just cook your snipped green beans in a large pot of boiling water until crisp but firm (that’s called al dente!). Drain ‘em. Add some Szechuan sauce (I bought mine at Coborn’s but I know Walmart carries a couple of different brands as well; look for it in the Asian aisle next to the soy & teriyaki sauce). Toss to coat. Sprinkle on some almonds or cashews and va la’ – a spicy addition to your meal.

Keep tending the soil of your soul. Jesus wants us to bear much fruit – even “fruit” better than green beans! He wants us to respond to His Word and His Will. Keep enjoying summer. And, if you need anything green, please come our way.

Rita Meyer is married and the mother of four children age 17 and under. She and her family are members of St. John the Baptist Parish in Meire Grove.

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