Aug 06

Joe and Toni Borgerding will be welcoming the people of the St Cloud Diocese to their organic dairy farm in Belgrade for the annual rural life celebration coming up Aug. 13. 

I have covered many of these celebrations over the years and it’s always fun. I enjoy seeing the farms, the animals and the crowd of people that come out to the Mass with the Bishop. But another thing that I like about it is interviewing the host family for the preview story. It’s always so interesting to hear about how they got started in farming and what farm life is like. This time Joe talked a lot about why they went organic with their farm, too.

This year I tagged along with Kristi Anderson. Joe and Toni and their family were so welcoming! And I’m sure they didn’t expect to be taken to so many different locations for the photo shoot!

We were only able to use one picture, but here are a few of the outtakes, including one adorable photo bomb. 

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