Just Wondering…

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Oct 20

Are You incarnate, Jesus, in my face?

in my actions?

Do I radiate Your compassion

to the news reports I don’t want to hear?

the people who suffer?

the child with hungry eyes

and distended belly?

the woman who is aging too fast, who loses her way

yet wants to be her former self, small and hidden

simple and behind the scenes?

Tell me, my Love, how I can love the outcast, the forgotten

the proud and self-righteous

the control-freak and the controlled

the blind and the deaf

the loving and the beloved

when I don’t even know how to love You, my Lord?

When you know Me, my love, who am meek and humble of heart

all will see your face aglow and

your actions, life-giving.

I promise . . .


Sister Renee Domeier has been a Benedictine for 60+ years. She loves to read at least one poem a day and write whenever time and inspiration are given her. She said, “I am very grateful for the gift of life within and around me!”

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