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Aug 12

Steubenville.. How is one to explain the experiences had there? I know for most everyone who has ever been to a Steubenville youth conference, they would explain it to be life-changing. No matter where you are at in life, during this conference you will learn more about your Faith, how to defend it, and you will find truth in it. This youth conference for me personally has become something I greatly look forward to every summer. This past July at the Steubenville retreat in Rochester, the Holy Spirit taught me how to step out in faith and trust fully in God’s plan for my life. On this trip, I met so many wonderful people who have blessed me in more ways than I could have imagined. The talks that were given related to my life and helped me answer many questions and doubts I had about my Faith. Even adoration was filled with excitement! I think people sometimes put adoration into the stereotype of boring silence that teens don’t want anything to do with, but that’s not true at all! At Steubenville you will see hundreds of teens on fire to just be with Jesus for that short time of Adoration.


Attending the women’s talk.

No matter where you’re at in life, whether you aren’t interested in your Faith, not sure how you feel about it and want to learn more, or excited to grow deeper in it, God will meet you where you’re at. So I truly encourage you to just open your heart to Him.


I know many are hesitant to go on this trip at first, but I can also tell you that 95% of them, by the end of it are excited to go back the next year. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit works in ways we can’t see at times. So if God is giving you the opportunity to attend this trip, do not run from this invitation. Be bold, be brave, step out in faith! You have been made for greatness!


Sophia Bates is the youngest of 4 kids. She has been homeschooled her whole life and will be a sophomore in high school this fall. Sophia enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with friends!

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