Aug 27

At 8:42AM on August 3rd, 2018 sweet Maria Guadalupe officially made me an aunt for the first time!! The first time I got to hold Maria I was moved to tears at how beautiful the gift of life really is. The fact that my baby sister carried her for 9 months and suddenly here she is- breathing on her own, eating, looking around, it’s truly such a remarkable miracle.


I have had plenty of time to reflect on Maria’s life as well as my own throughout the hours I have held her. Looking down at her innocent little face, I admire her joyfulness and absolute trust in that I wouldn’t drop her, would change her, and would get her fed. Then I began to think about how quickly the innocence and joyfulness changes in this world. There is so much hurt and lack of trust today and I

The day I became Maria’s godmother!

began thinking of those children that are in homes that do not try and preserve this. Instantly kids in foster care came to mind. Those that are abused physically, mentally, and sexually, and those that are neglected and abandoned. These kids at one point in their life had this same innocence and joyfulness that Maria possesses, and it breaks my heart to think how quickly it was taken from them.


I saw this video a while back and recently rediscovered it. I think it is a heartbreaking realization of what a lot of kids go through when they should still just be worried about which toy to play with next.


“Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” -J.M. Barrie




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