Mar 16

Raise your hand if you have given up any of the following for Lent:  Social Media, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, secular music, all music, coffee.  OK, coffee doesn’t have that much to do with the topic at hand other than the fact that it might make you grumpy and we are told not to look gloomy when we fast.  Yeah, Jesus said that, so you might need a funny podcast to keep you going or something to entertain the kids when your caffeine-deprived brain is telling you to climb back under the covers.

With all the newfound time since you removed social media from your phone, check out some of these Catholic podcasts.  Or when you are tempted to pump up the jams during your workout, give one of these Catholic podcast a listen. (Click on the highlighted titles for links).

When I Want To Entertain My Kids In The Car:  Saint Stories For Kids by Shining Light Dolls

The products from Shining Light Dolls have been favorites in our house for quite some time so I was intrigued to find out that the company was putting out podcasts.  I am pleased to report that the content of these five-minute podcasts is not only entertaining to my kids but enjoyable for me as well.  Since discovering these podcasts almost every trip in the car includes one of my daughters asking, “Can we listen to the saint stories?”  I’ve been happy to trade in “The Wheels on the Bus” and I’ve learned something new with each episode.

When I Want To Be Prepared For Mass:  The Lanky Guys

A friend tipped me off about these guys last year and I love their content.  Every Thursday they produce an episode that walks listeners through the upcoming Sunday Mass readings.  The episodes are a deep dive into Scripture and would be a great way to meditate more deeply on the readings this Lent.  The hosts are excellent at making connections between all the readings while also applying the themes to real life.

When I Want Something Beautiful in My Life:  Open Your Hymnal

Just as a more thorough exegesis of scripture can aid our spiritual journey this Lent, a closer look at some of the songs and hymns we might hear is sure to enrich our Lenten experiences.  If you are someone who really appreciates the songs that are a part of our liturgies, you will enjoy hearing from the artists behind those very songs.  In each episode, Zach and Matt interview the composers and writers behind some of the best-loved songs in our Church.

When I Want A Laugh (And Possibly Good Advice):  Catholic Stuff You Should Know

I’ve been attempting to get back in shape.  It’s hard.  I need a seriously entertaining podcast to get me through my workouts.  So, don’t be surprised if you see me jogging around the track at the YMCA and laughing OUT LOUD!  A good portion of each episode is simply funny banter but the content that follows is usually interesting or helpful.  The podcast is hosted by priests and seminarians who keep it really real, which is refreshing and entertaining.

When I Want To Be Connected To My Diocese And The Larger Catholic Church: The Minnesota Catholic Podcasts

If you live in Central Minnesota this is a good podcast to add to your library.  It is produced by the folks at Central Minnesota Catholic Magazine and has three areas of focus.  “Heart of Mercy” episodes are very short (about two minutes) episodes in which we hear from our bishop, Donald Kettler.  “Hands of Justice” episodes are conversations with local leaders discussing social issues facing our Church today.  Finally, “Voices of Hope” episodes feature guests from near and far to share stories of hope, wisdom, or inspiration.  Take some time to learn about your local Church this Lent and you might just be inspired along the way.

Molly Powers is not a native Minnesota girl. Rather, she hails from Atlanta, GA and lived in several different states and countries before she landed in Minnesota in 2017. She is a wife and mother of two.

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