The Story Behind the Sketch

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Aug 12

I have very little experience with art, especially drawing, and I didn’t think it was for me. As a 4H member, however, I won State Fair trips in 2017 and 2018 in the Crafts category with artwork that I had submitted. The second year the judge gave me a red ribbon and said I needed to do something different next year. I immediately started brainstorming how I could create a unique project.

I saw a picture online of the old Villard train station, and, being a history lover, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make it into something I could share with everyone! It gave me a sense of connection to the past and even though I didn’t actually know the people in the picture,

I felt like I did. I tried to place myself in this captured moment of time so I could bring it to life.

The idea for my second project came when I saw my scoliosis x-ray and knew I wanted to make it a fair project. Originally, I was going to give a presentation telling my story and raising awareness of what scoliosis is. However, I changed my plan and decided to do a sketch, because I could tell the story without having to use words. I spent a good amount of time studying my x-ray in preparation for the sketch, and it was hard to look at it sometimes. After finishing the main part of the sketch, I added the flowers because they gave something else to look at without taking away from the spine. They represented me.

I didn’t realize how important the sketch was until the day I went in for county fair judging. The judge was floored. She said it was the most unique and incredibly important piece she had seen all day, because it told a story. She added that I was sharing something very personal with the sketch, and everyone who looked at it would see that. I was near tears after that judging session. It hasn’t been easy dealing with scoliosis, and for a long time I didn’t want people to know I had it. I posted one of my x-rays on social media last year and I was blown away by the outpouring of support.

I have come to realize this is part of God’s plan for me. Sometimes this can be difficult especially when I don’t understand why certain things happen, but I am learning to trust God and remind myself that He’s got it under control. I may be small and my spine a bit curvy, but I am fierce! I’ve got God in my corner.

“The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day.”  –St. Gianna Molla

Lily is a junior at Knots Academy Homeschool. In her free time she enjoys participating in theatrical productions. When she’s not onstage, she likes to stay close to home and can be found tending to her family’s chickens.

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Reed August 12, 2019

Nice work, Lily!

Jamie August 12, 2019

Beautifully written!! LOVE THIS!

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