Restore the Beauty: A Tea Party Celebrating Authentic Femininity

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Feb 28

On February 22, women from all over the St. Cloud Diocese gathered at St. Louis Parish in Paynesville to celebrate authenticity, restoration and beauty. What started out as a mission for teen girls to understand who they are in this culture of editing and perfectionism turned into a beautiful multi-generational event where babies were rocked by grandmas so women in their 30s could serve the teens. When we sat down to dine, the message for the women no matter the age was the same.

Organizers of the tea party from left, Kelli Kleinschnitz, Melaine Myklebust and Hannah Molitor.

To be authentically feminine is to be authentically you.

When Jesus ascended the mountain his companions didn’t understand the depth of what He was about to show them. He transfigured before them and they were left in awe.

Our culture is obsessed with transformation. Eat this way and your body will be transformed into something new. Complete this course and your mind will be transformed into something new. But Jesus wants us to be transfigured. Not transformed.

And what is a transfiguration?

It’s a revelation of our true nature.

His disciples were in awe because this was the moment He finally revealed who He was. And we are called to be transfigured too. Not transformed. What would the world be like if we turned off the filters and truly revealed who we are? 💕

Lucifer was the most beautiful creature until woman came along.

Ladies, he attacks you because he is jealous of you. He gets in your head and makes you compare yourself to others around you because he wants you to question your identity.

But comparison is the thief of joy.

No one has ever existed like you. The devil whispers in your ear and tells you that you are not good enough. That girl over there is prettier than you. She is smarter than you. She has what it takes to be somebody.

But this is a lie.

When God created the world He created the land and the animals and the birds and said they were good. But when He created woman He said, “This is very good.” It isn’t in His nature to lie. So when He says it, He means it. You are something He is proud of.

God gives each person a piece of His infinite heart. You contain a piece of God that no one has ever had and no one ever will. If we don’t show this side of God to the world, no one ever will and the world will miss out.

The world will miss out if you sit back and hide behind filters and editing. It’s not time to hesitate because you are worried about what people will think. It’s time to be authentically you.+

Note from the organizers: Restore the Beauty was a tea party coordinated by Hannah Molitor, Melaine Myklebust and Kelli Kleinschnitz. This event was made possible by the generous donations from Catholic United Financial, Catholic Foundation for the Diocese of Saint Cloud, The Christian Women of Rockville and The Knights of Columbus Council #534.

Melaine Myklebust is a wife and a mother to four small children. She is a parishioner at Mary of the Immaculate Conception parish in Rockville. Melaine has a passion for women’s ministry and leads a Scripture study for women at her parish and she facilitates the Central MN Catholic Moms Group. Melaine loves reading, cooking, watercolor painting, and she has a weakness for temperament and personality type quizzes.

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