The Biggest Day of my Life Thus Far!

By From the Heart | Nikki and Tricia Walz | A Tale of Two Sisters

Mar 19

14 hours. That is what stands between now and picking up my daughter, becoming a mom for good. I can’t tell you all the emotions that I am feeling at this moment. I am so beyond excited and feeling incredibly blessed, but obviously fear of the unknown and nerves are creeping in as the clock ticks.


Ellie is an incredible, kind-hearted 16-year-old that God has placed in my life. Even though we have only had weekend visits thus far, I truly cannot imagine my life without her in it.


God has always changed the plans that I have imagined for myself. I imagined myself adopting once I was married, but God made it clear that it was His will for me to adopt now, not once I had life “figured out.” Some things come in an order that we don’t expect and are not considered “normal.” I imagined I would have all the details of Ellie’s move figured out before she moved in, but God has been teaching me to trust in Him throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. So many questions have been going through my mind: Is it fair to have Ellie start a new school all online? How are we supposed to spend weeks inside without going crazy?


I have to keep reminding myself that I am not the one who is writing this story. God has it under control and He just needs me to trust Him and to give Him my ‘yes.’ My prayer is that we can all grow in this kind of trust, especially when things don’t go as we imagined.




Tricia Walz and Nikki (Walz) Silbernick are proud Minnesotans who were born and raised in the heart of St. Cloud with their younger sister Briana.

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Marcia, OSB March 20, 2020

Tricia, how exciting! Sounds like an amazing story! blessings to you as a new chapter in your life begins in the midst of this pandemic! I know God it’s with you as it unfolds! ❤️ prayers and lliving support! S. Marcia

Nancy March 20, 2020

Tricia, I am so very happy for you!! Blessings as you begin this new journey!
What a blessed little girl!
Nancy Young

cheryl hommerding March 20, 2020

Oh my dear kind hearted Tricia, your Faith in God, your Trust in his Plan inspires me so much! God blessings to you and Ellie as well as over your family which seems to be growing every single Day! How excited and how Blessed is your entire family!! You Shine the Light of the Lord!!!

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