Mar 31

Yes… I am quite aware that it is late-March and I just determined my word of the year!

In case you are not familiar with picking a word of the year, a neat way to start the new year (or to start your April) is to pray about a word that God wants to be your ‘theme’ of the year. I started this a few years back and it has been an incredible adventure thus far! The first year I chose the word “trust” and God really helped me realize how much I need to trust Him! So beware which word you choose as God listens. 😉

This year a word didn’t stand out as the new year rolled around. I decided not to force it but to just keep praying about it! Well, while I was driving one day suddenly this word wouldn’t leave my mind: “Present.” As I prayed about this word, I felt so much peace and I was excited to finally have a word of the year!

“Present” takes a lot of different meanings for me this year:

being present in the moment: The most obvious example for me would be not to be on my phone when I am with family and friends. This one is hard because I don’t even realize how often I check it! I think it has become such a normal so it has been eye-opening just to be more aware of my attachment to it.

be present to those that mean a lot to me: One of the greatest ways to show someone you care about them is to keep up with what is going on in the lives of friends and family. Having regular phone calls, checking in to see how the doctor appointment, or the test went, are all ways I plan to fulfill this part of being present.

be present to how God is working / be present to God: Spending time in prayer, noticing God in the small things, and just taking time to appreciate Him are more ways I plan to be present this year!

Just imagine how different this world would be if everyone intentionally spent one year being present!

I encourage you all to consider taking a word of the year if you have not already! Let’s all strive to be better together 😊



Tricia Walz and Nikki (Walz) Silbernick are proud Minnesotans who were born and raised in the heart of St. Cloud with their younger sister Briana.


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