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May 05

2020 and the pandemic that ensued due to Covid 19, better known as “the coronavirus,” will be a touch point for millions of people around the world.

The whole episode of sheltering-in-place, mask wearing and economic fallout will lead to many conversations.  Everyone will have a tale to tell. Well, I have a tale too and it is about what I have learned during my time alone.  Perhaps others share some of the same lessons learned.

First lesson, even when alone most of my thoughts are about others. Not too much self pity and I am happy to realize this. Thinking of and reminiscing about people and occasions we’ve experienced together is a pleasant way of virtually visiting with them.

Second lesson, nourishment came in many forms. My spirit is still engaged with church through technology and printed materials. My body is fed with better thought out selections of foods based on availability rather than wants. My social self was occupied with activity that focused on others instead of self by note writing to friends and family near and far, for who doesn’t like finding a personal letter in the old mailbox? I worked on a knitting gift project for a granddaughter. My physical self found nourishment in daily walks and bike rides.

Third lesson, The cloistered life is not for me.  I am looking forward to the end of this sequestering. I do not believe those who have committed themselves to lives of contemplation and solitary living have that longing. I think they are happy in their choice. What an admirable quality; to be okay with where we are right now. I will be trying to find that quality as these days unfold.

Lord, give me strength!

Kathy Hanson is mostly retired if you don’t count volunteering as work. She enjoys learning new things and having unique experiences. With decades of raising a family with her husband who is deceased, working at a corporate career and serving as a worker/leader in community service and non-profit organizations, active is an appropriate definition of her lifestyle. Woven throughout that life a love of reading has been a constant thread. Kathy seeks to share some of the insights reading has given her in her blogging contributions.

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