A litany of prayer – because we can always pray

By From the Heart | Geralyn Nathe-Evans | Together We Journey

Sep 23

It has been a difficult time. A pandemic. Violence in our streets and communities. Unemployment. A struggling economy. Restrictions on how we gather and worship. This is a great time of uncertainty and so must we continue to turn to our God who loves us.

Today we pray:

We pray for all those in education who are teaching, cooking, cleaning, coaching, driving buses and working in our schools. For those who are going beyond their previous roles to care for our students and families. 

We pray for those who continue to drive thousands of miles to deliver all that we need across our country. For those who stock the shelves, clean the floors, mind the tills and disinfect the carts.

We pray for all those working in long term care centers, nursing homes, group homes and more. For all who serve and work with care, and recognize they are the only, “family”, that many see each day. 

We pray for those who work in healthcare, who continue to work in layers of personal protective gear and masks.  For those who find it not simply difficult physically difficult to breath but emotionally difficult to find a breath in the layers of this life we are living.

We pray for those who work in the media- those who fill our homes with papers, tv and radio, may they know the responsibility of the journalism work they that they are entrusted. We pray they can with honesty and hope lead us into recovery and restoration.

We pray for those who deliver so very many things to us. We pray for those who deliver our mail, packages, groceries, gas and goods. We pray they may be met with gratitude, encouragement and appreciation.

We pray for all who provide transportation, for care cab workers, bus drivers, pilots, truck drivers, shuttle drivers, ambulance drivers, uber, lift, cab and taxi drivers.

We pray for our farmers, for those who feed us, who nourish us, who care for us.

We pray for those who are alone.  We pray for all who have found themselves isolated and longing for another’s company, longing to share a meal, a cup of coffee, a conversation face-to-face, an embrace, a hug, a laugh together.

We pray for those who are in groups, with many people. May they feel safe in difficult gatherings.

We pray for so many people are doing the very best they can, the best they know.  For those who are happy to wake up and fall asleep, for those who are frightened, nervous, anxious and uncertain.

We pray for the people who are working more than they wish they needed to, people who wish they were working, people who are frightened now knowing when they can return to work, people afraid of going to work.

We pray in all the places we love and long to gather safely together in our places of worship, our churches, our cathedrals our faith communities. We pray for all who minister and serve.

We pray for all who serve to keep us safe.  For those emergency workers, law officers, dispatchers.  We pray for their safety, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We pray for wisdom in the many decisions they make, may in immediate response. We pray that we can appreciate them.

We pray for those who care for our children, our youth, our families. We pray for parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles and cousins. We see the challenges in not being physically there, of caring for one another in new ways. 

We pray for our government leaders, elected officials, and president. We pray for them to  have the wisdom, knowledge, grace, compassion.

Geralyn Nathe-Evans has been called to the vocations of wife, mom, Lay Ecclesial Minister, nurse and friend.


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