If I were giving a sermon today

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Feb 16

If I were giving a sermon today, I would focus on the one topic consuming headlines, air time and conversations more than any other; the dreaded coronavirus and its ensuing pandemic.

Fear seems to be everywhere and we all want guidelines and reassurance we’ll not be caught up in the grips of this disease.

Like many a good sermon, there would be suggestions on how to move through the fear and lessen stress and reach the peace in knowing a safe landing is in sight. Suggestions like those we hear of isolating ourselves, washing diligently, masking and getting that inoculation that will strengthen us against further danger are heard and followed trustingly.

I would liken the disease worry and panic to the same worry we have about our spiritual health. Rarely do we dare to say aloud, “I wonder if I’ve lived a life good enough to get to heaven,” but we think it. Sermon suggestions for this singular worry would be an echo of those given for those surrounding the physical disease.

We can keep ourselves ready for a hereafter in God’s arms by following guidelines and using available tools. Isolate ourselves in regular mental visits with God in prayer and readings. We can wash our souls in the sacrament of reconciliation and “mask” ourselves with the strength of the Holy Spirit, a powerful inoculation, that infusion of spiritual strength to face and overcome dangers to our progress to the goal of salvation.

As humans, we would do anything to save our lives, we can do no less to save our souls.

In closing, I would like to share one spiritual tool I’ve found, The Little Black Book, a daily booster shot of six-minute meditations during Lent. Find it at www.littlebooks.org.
To Your Health!

Kathy Hanson is mostly retired if you don’t count volunteering as work. She enjoys learning new things and having unique experiences. With decades of raising a family with her husband who is deceased, working at a corporate career and serving as a worker/leader in community service and non-profit organizations, active is an appropriate definition of her lifestyle. Woven throughout that life a love of reading has been a constant thread. Kathy seeks to share some of the insights reading has given her in her blogging contributions.

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