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May 12

Love and Lectio Divina

By From the Heart | Catholic Culture

I was sitting in my apartment when my phone rang.  I looked down and my heart started to flutter when I saw Ryan’s name flash across the screen. We were in the very early stages of dating and it was common for us to go several days without speaking to one another. His phone call […]

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Jan 10

Loneliness and the elderly

By From the Heart | Catholic Culture

It is not new that many elderly people today are lonely. Loneliness is a social and financial concern for all of us as the elderly population continues to increase. Pope Francis has had the following quote: “At this time of crisis we cannot be concerned solely with ourselves, withdrawing into loneliness, discouragement and a sense […]

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Nov 21

Reading Woman

By From the Heart | Arts & Entertainment

I consider myself a fairly active person with a passion for long peaceful bike rides, involvement in organizations and my church and, as the cooler days came on, many more hours spent reading. In the past month I’ve read somewhere between six to eight books. Some of them were trivial and some had substance to […]

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