Monthly Archives: May 2020

May 12

Love and Lectio Divina

By From the Heart | Catholic Culture

I was sitting in my apartment when my phone rang.  I looked down and my heart started to flutter when I saw Ryan’s name flash across the screen. We were in the very early stages of dating and it was common for us to go several days without speaking to one another. His phone call […]

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May 08

We are the times

By From the Heart | Kristi Anderson | The Inside Scoop

About a year ago, I received the honor of becoming the associate editor of The Central Minnesota Catholic magazine. Mainly, that means I get to help plan what goes into each issue and work collaboratively with my editor, Joe Towalski, in managing the day-to-day operations of our print publication. Just before Easter when the executive […]

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May 05

Lessons learned

By From the Heart | Community Contributors

2020 and the pandemic that ensued due to Covid 19, better known as “the coronavirus,” will be a touch point for millions of people around the world. The whole episode of sheltering-in-place, mask wearing and economic fallout will lead to many conversations.  Everyone will have a tale to tell. Well, I have a tale too […]

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