Jan 21

If you’ve read from me here for any length of time, you know that I’m an admirer and follower of Word of the Year posts and chatter. Does one need to have a streamlined focus for the year summed up in one word? Certainly not. Sometimes though, the added intention for the year, especially if it’s been put on your mind and heart to pursue growth in that particular area, is both a benefit and a source of inspiration. I have a fondness for reading what others have chosen or what they found revealed for their new year. For several years now, I’ve joined in and, as the word sat in my heart and came to fruition over the months, felt awed at how it all came together.

This year, it didn’t come bold and bright, nor prominently stand out whenever I opened my Bible. It did, however, come to mind as I encountered a few challenges leading into the new year. While it sat there, I still found myself asking, “That’s it? That’s the one?!” It didn’t sound glamorous and filled with adventure as many other past words had. It didn’t necessarily carry with it wonder or seemingly significant power.

Then, through a series of rather small events, the pieces came together. I saw that there was work to be done. In my heart and on my heart. In relationships, conversations, and even room for personal growth that could be uniquely tied to this word too.

Even as the new year started and I walked out of my chiropractor’s office, it echoed. As I spoke to her about physical pain that is leaving me frustrated in workouts and upset with the new daily limitations that my body has set, she wisely reminded me “You’re healthy, you’re in great shape…finding new ways or different ways of movement in workouts that are still getting your blood pumping and you are moving your strong body… maybe you need to reset your thinking, change the workouts and listen to the limitations of your overworked body.”

What if I did those things? What if the recent reminders of my imperfections and failures from those I love were the way that my word focus was revealed? What about living my life rising to change and being the best Sarah that God created me to be?

So, yes, this year I will BUILD. Brick by brick, I will BUILD…relationships, my heart, mind, strength, physically, spiritually… in family, in daily life, in business, in creativity…I will BUILD up, enhancing life by nurturing and leaning into grace, knowing that some structures need to come down before one can BUILD again. It may not be an easy or a straightforward directive to follow, but it seems fitting, especially after being called to ARISE last year.

How about you? Feeling a nudge to build or cultivate better this year? I have seen shared so many inspiring word themes from friends over the last weeks: simplify, release, passion, discipline, thrive, hope, peace, gather…and the list goes on! Anything prompting you for 2020?

Sarah Heidelberger is a wife and homeschooling mom of five who keeps her days steady with her planning and organizing skills. Read more about her on the “Perpetual Posters” page.

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