It’s about loving our neighbor

By From the Heart | Geralyn Nathe-Evans | Together We Journey

Mar 26

This really could become some of our finest days, and weeks and months. For most of us, how we respond to the Covid-19 situation is not about us. For one of those rare times, our actions are about something much bigger than ourselves. We are living in a time when our actions will have a greater impact on others that we could ever imagine.

We may be saving others lives. Your actions may literally be saving another person’s life. You could be loving people enough to save their life if you stay home as you are able. You could be the person who carries the virus without knowing, unintentionally infecting all those who you have contact with in your days.

For some of us, we are healthy and our families healthy. This virus seems so distant and we have plans. Plans to go places and do things and see people. We have a calendar that is filled and we want to experience those events. We must head and be mindful of others in each decision.

Stores are closed, schools being moved to virtual classrooms, vacations, proms, sporting events, graduations, all on hold if not cancelled. Our churches are closed. It may seem out of proportion. It may seem unfair. We have had colds before, we have managed the flu, we are young and resilient.

For some of us, we have health conditions, we have health risks, we are older and perhaps more frail. This virus seems so close and we may find ourselves becoming frightened. We may find ourselves isolated, unable to go to events, to church, to shop. We hear the warnings and that in itself may become frightening. How will we have access to food, to basic needs? For those who live alone, we may wonder who will even know if we have a need.

We are all living in a time without history for our population. This is not like other illnesses we have experienced and we need to heed the cautions that have been thrust into our lives. If this virus can be managed, on a massive scale it will truly tax our systems of care, our medical staff, our health care facilities, our communities. In my life, I have never experienced on such a community level, this tension of being so dependent upon and yet so isolated from others.

We are all together living in a world that demands us to look around and make decisions for our neighbors. Yes, that neighbor who God had commanded us to love, they need us especially in these days. You may be their connection to the grocery store, to a smile through a window, a phone call to check in, to let them know you are here for them. It is our time to really love our neighbor.

We must love our neighbor enough to wash our hands a bit longer (I suggest praying the Our Father or Hail Mary each time). We must stay at home as much as possible. We must limit our exposure to one another in all that we do each day.

This is a most tender time, a time to care, a time to love our neighbor. We can do this. Together.

believe n love,


Geralyn Nathe-Evans has been called to the vocations of wife, mom, Lay Ecclesial Minister, nurse and friend.


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