Biking the Wobegon Trail

By From the Heart | Rita Meyer | From the Homefront

Jul 28

I call it “bike therapy.” And with only a few short months of summer, I try to maximize the amount of biking I can do. A perfect morning for me is to get in 20 miles before the sun starts scorching my skin. Much of my biking is done on the Wobegon Trail, the paved path that is a wonderful asset to our community here in Central Minnesota and the towns it runs through. If Marv has an appointment in Alexandria, I’ll leave the house prior to him, take the spare key and then load my bike in the back of the van while I do my Aldi’s run.

More common for me, though, is going the other direction, east. If the kids need a ride to practice or an activity at St. John’s, I throw my bike in the van and do some peddling while they’re doing their thing. My favorite stretch of the Wobegon Trail is from Albany, through the town of Holdingford to Bowlus. Like much of the trail, it’s relatively flat. I think it’s more shaded though then other sections, especially those that run close to I-94.

The main attraction for me, though, are the flowers I see along the trail. Ohhh, the flowers you will see. Each community has it’s own uniqueness. Holdingford has a lovely “Petals to Pedals” display between it’s covered bridge and Trailhead parking area.

Bowlus has Jordie’s Cafe. I can spend a lot of time just wandering around, errr, I mean stretching my legs, in their outdoor seating area. They have done a fabulous job of creating a myriad of whimsical and colorful displays.

Avon has Evie’s Gardens, another display of summertime bounty right along the trail heading east from their Trailhead.

And, if you get off the trail a bit going through the Collegeville area, the outdoor courtyards at St. John’s Abbey will treat you to more floral designs.

Oh, the places you can go. And the flowers you will see. Enjoy summer.

Rita Meyer is married and the mother of four children. She and her family are members of St. John the Baptist Parish in Meire Grove.

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